Honeywell signs deal to improve imported refrigerators

Company will work to reduce the environmental impact of products from China.

A grant agreement between the U.S. Trade and Development Agency and Chinese company Midea will see Honeywell work to reduce the impact Midea's refrigerators and freezers have on the environment.

Honeywell will work with Midea, which manufactures appliances, to put its line of Solstice products into wider use. The main Solstice product that Midea will use is Honeywell's Liquid Blowing Agent, which expands insulation in appliances and has a lower global warming potential than more widely-used agents.

"Midea is a leader in the manufacture of energy-efficient appliances, and this grant will enable us to more quickly adopt technologies such as Solstice LBA," Midea's VP, refrigerator division, Suk Sangjo said. "Solstice LBA can enable us to maintain the high energy-efficiency of our refrigerators while reducing their carbon footprint."

"We are honored to be part of this exciting program, which will help improve the environmental profile of refrigerators sold in China," Honeywell's VP and general manager of fluorine products, Ken Gayer, said.

Among the other products in the environmentally friendly Solstice line are gaseous blowing agents, propellants and solvents.

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