From the Homeland

Each year, HCN raises its flag full-staff in honor of the homegrown manufacturing efforts taking place on our soil. Particularly in the building materials and home improvement industry, many enterprising suppliers go the Made-in-USA way because, as they put it, it’s the obvious choice.

“Even in the most challenging economic times, we refused to listen to the siren call of overseas manufacturing,” said Mark Brandon, president of DMT, which has been 100% American-made since 1976. “The quality of our products is our most important differentiator, and we feel it is critical to control that quality by manufacturing here in the USA.”

Even beyond superior quality and the boon they bring to the national economy, American-made products are a matter of pride for the people who stamp “Made in USA” on their packages — just ask any of our readers who filled HCN’s inbox with patriotic product stories over the past couple of weeks. Here, in no particular order, are a few highlights.


Powernail Model 2000 Pneumatic 20 Gage Cleat Nailer

From the same guys who introduced the first tongue and groove floor nailer 68 years ago, another industry first: a pneumatic, trigger-operated, 20 gage cleat nailer backed by American ingenuity. (


STIHL Woodcutter Splitting Maul

Every company’s Made-in-USA story is unique, and in STIHL’s case, that involves products that are engineered in Germany but built in the United States. It also involves selling its products exclusively to independent dealers and businesses. The Woodcutter Splitting Maul has a heavy-duty cutting head and a handle made from high-quality ash. (


Johnson Hardware’s 200WM Wall Mount “Barn Door Type” Sliding Door Hardware

This Elkhart, Ind.-based manufacturer fights counterfeits by die stamping its name onto its products. The company also passes muster with the American National Standard Institute’s quality and safety standards. (


Reveal Designs BCJ Lever 1

Like many American-made products, this door handle shirks convention. Created by national design firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, the BCJ Lever 1 blends warmth with sleek contemporary style and functions with tubular latches, mortise and multipoint locks. (


Watermark Designs Loft Collection

Decorative plumbing and lighting reaches its apex in Brooklyn, N.Y., where Watermark Designs crafts 1007o American-made and American-conceived products. The impeccably stylish Loft Collection hits “industrial chic” on the nail. (


Charlotte Pipe and Foundry PVC Schedule 40 DWV pipe

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry operates seven U.S. plants, where 1,350 employees churn out 1007o American-made pipe and fittings. And it’s been doing it for more than 100 years. The product mix ranges from heavy-duty cast iron to an extensive line of plastics for residential or commercial applications. (


Coverings Etc Bio-Luminum Recycled Aircraft Tiles

One point for American manufacturing, and another for Mother Earth. These swanky-looking tiles — which can be used for flooring and wall-coverings — are made from durable, 1007o post-consumer recycled aluminum from the fuselages of retired aircraft. (


Red Dragon Mini Dragon Torch

Flame Engineering’s story certainly has some grassroots appeal: It began as a father-and-son operation, producing propane-powered torches from a garage. Still family-owned today, Flame Engineering is the maker of the Mini Dragon, an environmentally friendly, highly portable weed torch. (


Hardcore Hammers

Hardcore Hammers was born out of a need for efficient hammers that were built to last. The original Hardcore Hammer, pictured, features a recessed milled insert that helps guide the traction surface for precise hammer strikes — as they say, “made in America by Americans for Americans.” (


Envi Wall Mounted Room Heater

Even though it sources some components off-shore, Envi is designed, manufactured, patented, distributed and sold on American soil. Eheat made the commitment to keep jobs in the United States after its imported heaters presented all kinds of quality issues. Envi stakes its claim on its low running costs — as little as 4 cents per hour in some states — and its cool-to-the-touch design. And because it does its electrical testing and manufacturing in the United States, it has the whole quality-control thing going for it too. (


Dap DynaFlex 230

DynaFlex 230 is a durable and versatile sealant that can be used for demanding exterior or interior projects. The high-performance formula seals joints up to 1 in. wide and adheres to a wide range of building materials such as wood, MDF, PVC, polystyrene, and composite trim-board. (


WOLF Designer Cabinets

For WOLF, going “Made in USA” meant growth in cabinet sales of over 40%. Its Designer Cabinet series, pictured, comes in a wide swath of color and design options to suit the many varied tastes of Americana. (


DMT Diamond Whetsone Bench Stone

DMT went “Made in USA” in 1976, and it hasn’t looked back since. This has meant an outsized capability to keep its quality standards high — with Whetsone Bench Stones that are engineered with superior flatness and an evenly covered micronized monocrystalline diamond sharpening surface. (


DeWalt 18V Cordless Adhesive Dispenser

DeWalt, which has long carried a wide assortment of Built-in-USA products, announced back in November that it was moving cordless power tool production to its Charlotte, N.C., facility. The Cordless Adhesive Dispenser, pictured here, delivers 650 pounds of pushing force to dispense high-viscosity adhesives and sealants, as well as an auto-reverse feature that helps keep messes at bay. (


DuraTite Plastic Duct Fittings

If the star-spangled veneer is any indicator, DuraTite’s plastic duct fittings are proud of their origins. Made from high-quality polypropylene and glass mixture, they’re also airtight and built to last. (


Ames True American Aluminum Scoop Shovel

Look no further than the “True American” label. The Aluminum Scoop Shovel is part of a long tradition of durable, multipurpose hand tools that can be used year-round and for years to come. The handle, made from stained North American ash, is verified sustainable. (


Teem Wholesale Liberty Series Doors

Seeking reliable quality and a patriotic cause, Teem Wholesale created its own custom trim line, which it expanded to include solid wood doors in 2010. Each individual Liberty Series door begins its journey in the Appalachian Mountains and is hand-constructed by a custom craftsman. (


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