Home Depot selects a high-tech pricing tool

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Clear Demand announced that The Home Depot has licensed its latest pricing solution. 

According to the technology vendor, Clear Demand was selected for its ability to manage prices via sophisticated rules while providing Home Depot with an agile delivery model.

"Our commitment to creating an interconnected customer experience requires that we align ourselves with nimble innovators who can meet our evolving solution needs," said Hal Lawton, senior VP and president of online for The Home Depot. "This commitment also requires that we take small well-defined steps, communicate clearly across our merchant organization, provide tools that fit with the way our merchants work and get data to the point of decision quickly." 

According to Clear Demand, the product includes an "Intelligent Rules Engine" that reverses engineers existing business rules for rapid setup and identifies inconsistencies in pricing strategy; "Force Diagram Technology" that reveals pricing forces on current and recommended prices for related items, for explaining price moves; and "Multi-Channel Competitive Rules," a solution to fully integrate traditional and online competitive pricing intelligence.


- 7:01 AM
MichelCleark says

This is a good move by Homedepot. The latest pricing solution is crystal clear for customers who is shopping online. The basic thing they need to understand is customer's need. This technology will surely attract customers and increase a customer interaction and faith on Homedeopt.

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