Home Depot salutes American Legion with $1m donation

Gaven Gregory

Gaven Gregory, executive director of the Home Depot Foundation, announced last week that the organization's next focus would be on the American Legion -- in the form of a $1 million dedication, to be exact.

“We do thousands of community service projects every year, and hundreds of them are at your posts,” Gregory said at the 96th National Convention of The American Legion, held in Charlotte, North Carolina. “When we got involved in this relationship, a lot of it was because those folks in the field (Team Depot) had done projects with you and said, ‘Hey, look, The American Legion is important to us. It’s important to our communities. And we want to do more.’ We took that guidance and said, ‘OK, we’re going to do more.’”

The Home Depot Foundation and Team Depot have played a hand in improving more than 13,000 homes for veterans over the past three years. To illustrate his point, Gregory showed examples of American Legion projects across the country, many of which involved actual American Legion posts.

“Since the launch of our mission, our volunteers have touched the homes and lives of veterans in every state, in thousands of cities across the country," he continued. "We’re pretty proud of that. We have developed a powerful alliance with The American Legion over the years. We’ve worked together across the country to improve the lives of our veterans, from touching up posts to repairing homes for Legion members in need.”

“I’m so proud of this relationship and the amazing work we do together. That’s why we are incredibly proud to announce we are committing an investment of $1 million over the next year at American Legion posts and veterans across the country, in alliance with The American Legion. We know we’re going to be working together for a long time.”

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