Home Depot hosts lighting showcase

New York -- The Home Depot is spreading the word about energy-efficient lighting options.

During a New York made-for-media event, the retailer and a handful of its vendors retrofitted a hotel suite to showcase new light bulb technologies in a home setting.

The New Lighting for New Savings: Light Bulb Showcase 2012 featured products from Philips, Cree, Lighting Science Group, TCP and Lutron.

"What we're doing is telling the consumer what their options are, and what the benefits are," said Bill Hamilton, merchandising VP electrical for Atlanta-based Home Depot.

The retailer has more than 100 bulb options on its shelves currently, all designed to use less energy than their incandescent equivalents. In January 2012, a multiyear phaseout of incandescent bulbs will begin. Hamilton said the retailer is taking on the role of guide and advocate for the consumer to help them with their lighting decisions.

Home Depot sells more light bulbs than any other retailer, and more than the second and third ranked retailer combined, he said. The event showcased the latest in LED lights, dimmable CFLs and high-efficiency incandescent light bulbs.

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