Home Depot drops Paula Deen

Paula Deen Signature Tools -- from rolling pins to tea kettles -- are being pulled from Homedepot.com as the celebrity chef broils in a controversy over racism.

Home Depot joined a growing list of corporations severing ties with celebrity chef Paula Deen, who admitted using a racial slur in the past.

Deen’s branded items -- the Paula Deen Signature Tools collection -- were available through Homedepot.com’s kitchen and cookware section. The wide variety of products ranged from rolling pins to tea kettles. A spokesman for the Atlanta-based retailer said that the cookware products were on the company’s website, but that Home Depot had no sponsorships or partnerships with Paula Deen properties. 

The company’s website described the collection this way: “The Paula Deen Signature Tools collection combines classic Southern style with tried and true kitchen pieces that have stood the test of time.” 

Deen’s saga has become a media sensation since she revealed about a week ago that she used a racial slur. Walmart, the Food Network and Smithfield Foods also cut ties with the chef.


- 1:02 PM
Pkrupa says

Since all of those dropping Paula Deen and rallying agasint her are saints in this world and have never thought, uttered or outright have spoken in private or otherwise during thier life an extremely derrogatory, demeaning, totally inflamatory word against a person becasue of their race, creed, etc - they all need to get delivered to them a box of Rocks so they can stone her - essentially what they are doing to her today.

- 2:26 PM
Skeptical Observer says

If every celebrity, of every ethnicity, told the truth about if they had EVER in their life used a racial slur, I don't think anyone would be without sin. Good thing that Christ isn't around today to ask who among us is without sin and can cast the first stone. There are so many people (and companies) that refuse to look in the mirror and truly admit who they really are and what they have done in the past that Paula would be covered in stones hundreds of feet high. I'm waiting for Jessie Jackson to suggest that she either be crucified or burned at the stakes.

- 10:38 AM
NIckPasq@aol.com says

Can you imagine if all these lib media and Corp. Execs were made to take a lie detector test as to wether they ever used the N word word years ago? Talk about cleaning house!

- 1:18 PM
SW654 says

The readers who are commenting about the companies throwing stones should remember that it isn't the company throwing them, but their customers. If these retailers continue to sell Paula Deen's products, many current customers will stop shopping at their stores altogether because they don't support the retailers' continued support of her product lines. Only a small number of customers may stop shopping at their stores because they are no longer selling her products, but millions of customers may stop shopping there if they keep selling them. Financially, it makes a lot more sense to stop selling her products.

- 1:43 PM
vbates@mower.com says

Thank you, Home Depot, and other brands for making a clear statement that racism is intolerable in America. It is unacceptable behavior, period. To everyone who's posting "He who throws the first stone" analogies: Children are taught that "everybody else is doing it" is NO excuse for bad behavior. Paula Deen's "I'm Southern so it really is okay..." stance is not acceptable.

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