HIRI event covers Wall Street

Joshua Rosenbaum will present an investors view of home improvement trends at upcoming conference.

Joshua Rosenbaum, managing director of the global industrial group for UBS, will lead an economic discussion at the upcoming Home Improvement Research Institute conference.

His presentation is titled: "A Wall Street View of the Home Improvement Market and Trends."

In it, Rosenbaum will discuss how economic trends have huge implications for the size and makeup of the home improvement industry.  The presentation will provide an understanding the hot economic issues and the mood on Main Street and Wall Street.  

This year’s HIRI conference is titled "Changing Home Improvement Attitudes & Behaviors" and will be held on Oct. 16 in Chicago.

The Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) is a membership-based, independent, nonprofit organization of manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and allied organizations in the home improvement industry. It is the leader in independent research on the industry. The membership of HIRI currently represents more than 70 of the leading firms in the industry.


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