Highly recommended for dealers

The National Hardware Show plans to match the right dealers with the right products.

The National Hardware Show comes to Las Vegas May 9-11, bringing more than 2,500 exhibitors to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

It’s easy to get lost amid that massive merchandise assortment. That’s why the show’s organizers have put together a recommendation program.

"We started providing exhibitor recommendations last year as a way to help attendees narrow down the exhibitor field so they could focus on their main product categories of focus as well as give exhibitors the opportunity to attract retailers looking for their specific products and services," says Rich Russo, vice president of the National Hardware Show. "The program was so successful that we're not only implementing it again this year, we're making it even better."

Here’s how it works. When attendees register for the Show, they are asked to provide information about the product categories they are most interested in shopping at this year's show. Then they'll receive a personalized list of suggested exhibitors they should make sure to check out.

A new twist to the program in 2017: Independent Retailers will be matched with exhibitors who have marked in their profile that they are ready to sell to Independents at the show, offering another way for Independent Retailers to make the most out of their trip to Las Vegas.

Exhibitors, too, are asked to provide more information when they update their online and printed directory listing to help guide interested attendees to their booths.

Registration is for the show is complimentary until Monday, May 8. After May 8, there will be a $125 onsite registration fee. To register at no cost in advance, visit www.nationalhardwareshow.com.

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