High praise for Indiana town

Will a town’s livability rankings affect its building supply dealers?

And the number one place to live in America is – Fishers, Indiana.

At least, that’s the suggestion by the editors of Money magazine, which made the Northeast suburb of indianapolis the cover story of its most recent issue. The October issue shows a family-friendly two-story house in what looks like a happy Fishers neighborhood.

Kim Young, an owner of Fishers Do it center, described the town’s newfound notoriety as a pleasant surprise.

“I think it’s wonderful,” she said. As for its impact on business: “It’s not going to have an immediate impact, but maybe more people will buy homes here. It can’t hurt.”

The market, which is grown rapidly in the past 20 years to a population of about 90,000, is also served by a Menards and a Home Depot.

Fishers Do it center, a 22-year-old business, has changed as the community changed, Young said. The transition occurred slowly as the company began largely as a supplier of new construction projects to a dealer that now caters more to maintenance and repair.

More on the Money rankings can be found here.


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