Here's 84 Lumber's Super Bowl Ad

It's not every day that a lumberyard advertises in the Super Bowl. 

It's also not every day that a lumberyard's advertisement is deemed too controversial to run in its entirety. But 84 Lumber is using the rejection of the FOX Network to its advantage by building up a bit of suspense.

Here is the segment that will air on TV during the Super Bowl. The rest of the campaign -- the part that was rejected -- will be available for viewing here during the halftime show, after the spot airs on TV.

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- 12:48 PM
BillVS says

It is a disgrace that any large company would try to capitalize on the current issues that are dividing our country into two, especially for their own gain. Whether you want our borders sealed or you are concerned about the plight of refugees, it has nothing to do with 84 Lumber wanting to hire more "Manger / Employees". What next? Run false headlines about made up crisis, simply to get clicks to a website? I hope this commercial experiment to hire fails miserably, and I only feel bad for the shareholders of a company run by people who appear to be such uncaring Anti-Americans. How many riots will this ad start on Monday? Was it worth it 84 Lumber?

- 11:38 AM says

84 Lumber has lost my respect, as well as many of my friends and business associates who are sick and tired of all this false hype and twisted logic and forcing it in front of us when we are just looking for entertainment. This will cost 84 Lumber more than just the ad!

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