Heart-shaped sprinklers offer eco benefits

Rainforest Ecological Sprinklers

Contech is promoting the ecological benefits of its heart-shaped Rainforest Ecological Sprinklers, designed to lower water consumption. 

The heart-shaped head of the sprinkler breaks up water droplets to improve delivery to the root zone and to prevent wasted water, according to the company. 

“Because they can’t clog, Rainforest Sprinklers are ideal for hard water areas and for low-pressure systems like wells,” said Mark Grambart, president and CEO of Contech Enterprises, the manufacturer of Raniforest Ecological Sprinklers.

The sprinklers operate at low pressures (20 to 80 psi). 

The sprinklers, which are built with only one moving part, cover an area up to 2,000 square feet, and can be used in sequence to expand their range.

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