HD's Pro Xtra loyalty program gets upgrade for investment property owners

The Home Depot has teamed up with National Tenant Network (NTN) on its new Pro Xtra site, a loyalty program for contractors and professionals.

Pro Xtra is designed to enhance existing Pro Desk programs, with NTN's expertise providing additional resources on tenant screening and selection for investment property owners and managers.

NTN will also have a direct line to investors through the Home Depot RenoWalk application, which Home Depot Pro members use to customize property renovations, search for materials and protect their investments.

Additionally, the National Tenant Network's proprietary application, NTN SecureMobile, will also be available to its subscribers, which will leverage iPad-compatible tenant screening functions.

Pro Xtra is a loyalty program that brings special offers, business tools and perks to professionals who shop frequently at Home Depot. Members receive email offers, eReceipts, purchase tracking tools, free estimations and more.


- 3:50 PM
sphinxrb@cox.net says

Home Depot can do all the "programs" they want for pro loyalty (or any customer loyalty), and they will not be successful until they start selling quality products. Their tag line "more saving, more doing" has become for me, "Less saving, more RE-doing". I am at the point now I will not even by a screw in that place (nor Lowes), as even the screws are junk. A professional does not want customer call backs, or problems on the job due to poor materials; hence, the pro's shop elsewhere. I do home repairs, I want to do it, and be done with it for a long time; and I thought I shopped for quality, not price. I recently purchased exterior doors from a local lumber yard, as I wanted the full brand quality, not the 'cheapened' version the box stores sell. I even purchased the caulk and shims on-line to avoid buying there. Too many re-do's from products purchased there. It's really a shame.

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