HCN selects state-by-state Hardware Store All-Stars

The 2012 crop of Home Channel News Hardware Store All-Stars marks the second year of the state-by-state accounting of high-performance retailers. The common theme of “excellent customer service” runs through the entire list, but that’s just the beginning.

Here are the first three on our alphabetical listing:

Hopper Building Supply
Eva, Ala.
“We have a little bit of everything,” said owner Mike Hopper, whose family started the business more than 50 years ago. By “everything,” he means building supplies, gasoline, deli meats, bakery goods and even a Laundromat. “We’re known as a one-stop shop for everyone.” The Hopper family owns several other businesses in town, including Mike’s dad, who operates a Foodland supermarket next door to the building supply company.

Andy’s Ace Hardware
Anchorage, Alaska
How many hardware stores make their own fudge? The 10-ft. gourmet candy counter at this Anchorage store features a changing roster of 15 flavors. Customers also come in to avoid the long lines at the U.S. post office or to sign up for a cell phone plan at its RadioShack franchise.

Prescott True Value
Prescott, Ariz.
There aren’t many contingencies between new brides and senior citizens, but Prescott True Value, located in a retirement community, registers an average of 16 bridal couples each spring and summer. The fine china and kitchenware department brings them in, but everybody loves the 12 linear ft. of gourmet foods and the large selections of unusual kitchen gadgets.

For the complete list of 50 winning retailers, state-by-state, register or log on to Homechannelnews.com.

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