Hardware hero saves family

Aniel Wade

Aniel Wade, an employee of Vision Ace Hardware in LaBelle, Florida, rescued a family from a burning building in February, a feat that earned him a full-page writeup in the recent issue of Men's Health, in which he was dubbed an "Everyday Hero."

According to multiple media reports, 20-year-old Wade was busy making deliveries in Alva, Florida, when he came upon a burning house with an elderly woman out front, gasping for air.

When he heard screaming inside, he ran into the burning house and found a young woman and her two children, whom he helped to safety outside as the building became engulfed in flames.

All four family members are doing fine, though the children suffered minor burns, and their grandmother had to spend time in the hospital. The family's dog perished in the fire.

Wade is also a criminal justice student at Edison State College.

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