Handcuffed suspect goes shopping for bolt cutters

A 19-year-old man in Pensacola, Fla., was arrested on May 8 after he escaped police custody and ran into Home Depot looking for bolt cutters to cut his handcuffs, according to a report on Fox 10 TV and other media accounts. 

Michael Scott was first arrested early Sunday morning on battery charges, and police took him to a hospital for treatment of injuries he sustained during the altercation. Scott escaped from the hospital and managed to find his way to a Home Depot nearly a mile away. Store employees, who saw the suspect trying to remove his handcuffs with a pair of bolt cutters, called police. But Scott left through a back exit door by the time authorities arrived.

Law enforcement officials, including K-9 units, found the suspect hiding in a trailer, according to the news report. He was arrested and charged with several counts that include the initial battery, resisting an officer, escape and burglary.

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