Hammerhead promotes safety through tethers

A tool or any object dropped from a multi-level work site accelerates 22 miles per hour every second during the fall. That add ups to danger, according to the people at Hammerhead Industries, makers of the Gear Keeper tethering system for tools.

Gear Keeper tool and instrument tethers are built for heavy-duty industrial use with maximum breakage strength and durability, according to the company. Designed to survive extended salt water and chlorine exposure, Gear Keeper retractable tethers are built with a patented flushing system that self clears debris from the retractor mechanism. Long lasting and tough, with more than one million systems in use, Gear Keeper systems have a failure rate of less than 0.001%, the company said.

“The Gear Keeper devices are extremely flexible and can be configured for a wide variety of uses,” says John Salentine, VP of Ventura, Calif.-based Hammerhead Industries. “For example, the belt clip system provides a secure mount that allows the Gear Keeper to rotate a full 360 degrees, while the shoulder strap system offers a comfortable solution when used with our innovative Gear Slide feature that allows the tool to move on the strap without the strap moving on your body. This is a great option for heavy use applications.”



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