A green store is born in Texas

TreeHouse in Austin, Texas.

A green-focused home improvement retailer called TreeHouse was born last month when the founders opened a 25,000-sq.-ft. store in Austin, Texas. 

The business owners said they recognized the growing demand for sustainable and healthy-living products, which are organized across the store in the categories of health, performance, corporate responsibility and sustainability.

One theme of the store: Being green doesn't always mean you have to pay more or change your lifestyle.

“Becoming more responsible doesn’t have to mean overhauling everything you do; it’s easy to make incremental changes," said TreeHouse CEO Greg King. “But whether you’re taking small steps or a big leap, we can help you do it by offering smart choices."

TreeHouse will carry a wide range of merchandise, including paint, floor and wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, cleaning supplies, storage and organization options, solar power products, plus a wide range of smart-home technology solutions that will allow customers to run their houses or businesses more efficiently.

All products sold at TreeHouse undergo a stringent screening process, according to the company.

A spokeswoman said expansion to more locations is a part of the long-term business plan, but the company is currently focused on the success of its first store.

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