Gorilla Glue mascot makes home field debut

The gorilla alights on the field.

Gorrilla Glue had an interesting way of attending the Cincinnati Reds game on May 24th.

A lifesize replica of Cincinnati Zoo's Silverback Colossus gorilla galloped across home field at the Great American Ballpark after making some DIY repair demonstrations at the entrance of the clubhouse.

"The gorilla, who personifies the brand motto 'For the Toughest Jobs on Planet Earth,' is featured in national commercials, where he drops in on homeowners to help them with repairs, but this was his first major appearance before the general public," explained a company statement. "Quick-thinking fans snapped his photo as he gave his trademark grunt of approval for the Reds' performance."

The lifelike mascot is an extension of Gorilla Glue's recent rebranding, which involves the use of an animated gorilla in televised commercials (created by the same guy who brought us David Letterman's bear suit and the Aflac duck).

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