Gorilla Glue brings mascot to life on TV

The Gorilla Glue Gorilla saves the day.

For its first-ever national TV commercial, The Gorilla Glue Company is creating a life-like version of its namesake mascot.

"From consumer reaction and comments, we sensed that–unlike competitive products with industrial-sounding names that might put off the inexperienced DIYer–Gorilla was very approachable," said Matt Kemme, VP marketing and innovation at The Gorilla Glue Company. "We want to give the brand a distinct persona, engaging consumers in advertising, across social media, and in-store, where Gorilla will capture consumer attention. The strategy: Build a big idea of who Gorilla is and what he can do, educating and giving consumers confidence across the DIY spectrum."

The company has enlisted the help of Jim Boulden, creative director of Animal Makers, Inc. to create the gorilla costume with the help of agency Possible and director Barton Landesman. Boulden was responsible for David Letterman's bear suit and the making of the Aflac duck.

The Gorilla Glue Gorilla will star in a series of commercials, saving the day for various do-it-yourselfers.

"In one spot, Gorilla offers Gorilla Glue to mend a broken fence gate, and in another, a homeowner tries to cover a broken window with a tarp that inferior tape just won't hold to his brickwork," said the company in a statement. "Again, the gorilla shows up with Gorilla Tape and a big dose of confidence, resulting in a double-thick stick to the bricks, a window well-protected from the coming rain, and a "grunt of approval" from Gorilla."

The commercial will air on HGTV, AMC, Animal Planet, DIY and Fox News, among others.

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