GE's new wall ovens tout WiFi, air flow

GE has released a full-size oven featuring vents on the top of the oven cavity in an effort to improve air flow, provide even baking results and shorten cooking times. The True European Convection with Direct Air technology is coupled with Brillion-enabled WiFi capabilities that can be controlled directly through a smartphone app.

Using the WiFi technology, consumers can preheat the oven, set the timer, change temperature and cooking settings, and check up on cooking status while they're multitasking. An LED notification lighting system will make it easier for customers to handle other tasks without risking a burnt souffle.

Depending on the cooking mode, the Direct Air technology distributes air from both the top and back wall of the oven, with fans that can modulate their speed and reverse directions.

"We're elevating the cooking experience at home with technology that wraps around your food better than ever before and achieves outstanding results," said Jon Bostock, GE's marketing manager of cooking appliances. Additionally, "shorter cooking times are a huge bonus for today's busy families and people who like to entertain."

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