Genius Gun launches expanding polyurethane foam product

An expandable PU foam and applicator in one, the Genius Gun streamlines insulation jobs.

Manassas, Va.-based sealants, foams and adhesives manufacturer Soudal USA is introducing the new Genius Gun, an expanding polyurethane foam product for filling gaps and insulation.

According to the company, the Genius Gun is a bit of a game-changer because its foam can be reused multiple times and eliminates the need for a separate applicator. A patented trigger mechanism provides precise dosage and easy, one-hand operation.

“Our unique Genius Gun product has already proven to be exceptionally popular with professional tradespeople in several of our international markets, and we’re excited to introduce it in the United States,” said Geert Paepen, general manager with Soudal USA.

The foam has high form stability and can adhere to just about any building material, including brick, concrete, insulation materials, pipes, cables, ducts, wood, metals and most plastics. It resists temperatures between minus 40 degrees and 194 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once opened, the canister can be re-used until empty and stored for up to six weeks.

The Genius Gun is designed for construction, remodeling, electrical and plumbing installations, and thermal and sound insulation.

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