General Tools unveils an advanced moisture meter

The General Tools MMD7NP.

The new Non-Penetrating LCD Moisture Meter with Tricolor Bar Graph from General Tools & Instruments offers professionals and DIYers a powerful and affordable tool, according to the New York City-based manufacturer.

The MMD7NP measures the moisture content of hardwood, softwood, drywall, masonry or concrete. It can also detect moisture below the surface of carpets and subflooring; and locating water leaks above ceilings, below floors or behind walls. 

Two buttons on the front of the MMD7NP offer a way to switch the measurement mode to match the material (i.e., hardwood, softwood, drywall or masonry). 

The name of the selected material appears on the 2-in. backlit LCD along with the moisture level reading as a percentage. Below the LCD, a bank of colored LEDs roughly mirrors the digital reading in bar graph format, with green indicating “dry,” red indicating “wet” and yellow indicating an intermediate moisture level. An audible out-of-range alarm sounds whenever wood is found to have a moisture content above 18% WME (above 70% for drywall and masonry).

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