General expands thermal-imaging offering

General Tools' Thermal Imaging Camera

New York City-based General Tools & Instruments’ Predator line of Thermal Imaging Cameras is expanding to include nine extended temperature range models. General’s GTi10, GTi20 and GTi50 are now available in models with temperature measurement ranges up to 600 degrees Celcius, 1,000 degrees Celcius, and 1,500 degrees Celcius.

Designed to detect hidden heat-driven problems, General’s thermal imaging cameras detect very small temperature differences from a distance and convert an object’s invisible infrared radiation to a visible color image. These visual thermal images (called thermograms) with multiple temperature points enable the diagnosis of equipment malfunctions and poor performance far more effectively than single-spot conventional temperature measurement devices, the company said.

The cameras’ manual focus, optional interchangeable lenses and high resolution provide more accurate images and assessments than competitive models. They generate powerful, convincing images (thermograms) and related data that help technicians and contractors document findings, design solutions, and convince customers or managers to authorize recommended repairs.

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