Generac unveils pressure washers

Waukesha, Wis.-based Generac Power Systems is getting back into the pressure washer market.

In 1998, Generac sold its portable products business, which included pressure washers, to focus on developing home standby generators. In 2008, upon expiration of a non-compete agreement related to the sale, Generac re-entered the portable generator market, and is now re-introducing pressure washers.

The company is launching a line with three residential models -- ranging from 2,500 PSI at 2.3 gallons per minute to 3,000 PSI at 2.7 gallons per minute -- and three commercial models ranging from 3,000 PSI at 2.8 gallons per minute, to 4,000 PSI at 4.0 gallons per minute.

“Pressure washers are a perfect fit for Generac,” said Peter Chiello, senior product manager of Generac Power Systems. “They represent a natural evolution for us, especially given our expertise in portable generator design, and our previous work on pressure washers. We’re excited about our new line of pressure washers because we believe they really address what our customers are looking for -- quality, value and ease of use.”

The company's full line of Generac pressure washers will be available in the spring of 2011.

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