GE joins forces with MakerBot and TechShop

The microkitchen is among the first projects up GE's sleeve.

Following up on its recent partnership with Local Motors, GE is teaming up with MakerBot and TechShop.

“GE continues to foster collaborative relationships to drive innovation through cutting-edge manufacturing models and partnerships that are redefining how ground-breaking products are made,” said Kevin Nolan, VP technology for GE Appliances.

In this newest installment of product innovations, GE will work on a new generation of home appliances through FirstBuild, an online co-creation and micromanufacturing community.

Among its first projects? A microkitchen with big style in a small format, as well as an indoor grill.

The FirstBuild community will have a hand in selecting the winning designs, which will then be brought to life at the FirstBuild microfactory in Louisville, Kentucky. Certain products that generate enough demand will have the chance to scale up to mass production.

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