GE donates $10K to HomeAid

GE has donated $10,000 to HomeAid, a nonprofit that works to provide housing for the homeless. The 25-year-old, California-based charity is working toward building 32 projects in 2014.

GE -- which also donates appliances to HomeAid on an ongoing basis -- has donated some $750,000 to the charity since 1989 in money and in-kind donations.

“GE has donated appliances to HomeAid projects throughout our 25-year history,” HomeAid CEO Peter Simons said. “Because of those in-kind donations, the charities we support were able to focus more resources on programs that help their clients gain self-sufficiency … GE is providing us with the resources we need to spread HomeAid to more cities around the country.”

HomeAid has built 360 multi-unit shelters in 10 states by partnering with local building associations and establishing chapters, which work with community organizations to identify which populations are hit hardest by homelessness.

“We are proud to support HomeAid as it continues to provide dignified housing to people … who are moving toward independence,” said GE’s general manager contract sales, John Boyd. “GE’s financial donation will be put to good use throughout the next year -- just as much as our in-kind donations of kitchen appliances are already hard at work in various facilities.”

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