GE debuts incandescent shaped CFL bulb

GE will soon hit the market with a new light bulb that combines the energy conservation of a compact fluorescent with the shape of the more consumer friendly incandescent.

Protected with more than a dozen U.S. patent applications, the GE Energy Smart CFL is a spiral CFL that fits within a typical incandescent bulb glass fixture. GE will debut the new product in nine- and 20-watt versions at Target stores on Dec. 28. The bulbs will be available at select Ace Hardware stores in January and more broadly on Earth Day 9 (April 22, 2009) at retailers including Wal-Mart.

The equivalent of a 60-watt incandescent bulb, the new 8,000-hour rated life CFL is guaranteed for five years based on four hours of daily use. A 100-watt version is expected to be available in 2010. 

According to Kathy Sterio, general manager-consumer marketing for GE Consumer & Industrial, the new bulb fits in more lamps and fixtures than the standard GE Spiral CFL with the plastic base.

“Some people just want an incandescent bulb profile so they can easily use it with clip-on lampshades or smaller table lamps,” she said. “Other people may see it as more aesthetically pleasing than GE Spiral CFLs in lamps or fixtures where the bulb is visible. It provides a more finished or tailored look that appeals to a lot of consumers.”

GE’s family of CFL bulbs also includes daylight and dimmable Spiral CFLs, three-way CFLs and decorative covered CFLs with the GE Spiral CFL on the inside. 

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