GE brings LED technology to Fisherman's Wharf

The crab wheel lights up Fisherman's Wharf with its technology-forward luster.

GE is behind the latest eco-forward move in San Francisco -- specifically, that of the iconic 16-ft. crab wheel at the gateway of Fisherman's Wharf.

Together with the Arrow Sign Company, GE helped restore the landmark with new LED sign lighting systems that will save an estimated 80% in lighting energy usage.

“We reviewed several contractor bids and one of the main factors to choose Arrow Sign Company was its use of GE products,” said Troy Campbell, executive director of Fisherman’s Wharf CBD. “We knew LED technology had the right long-lasting, energy-saving benefits for us, and we felt confident in the GE brand.”

Replacing the traditional fluorescent tube lighting was GE's Tetra PowerStrip LED sign lighting, which uses 676 watts compared to 4,000 watts with the previous technology. The landmark is also expected to see fewer maintenance hours as a result.

Campbell added that tourists are appreciating the sign's "bright, even glow" and "uniform, one-color appearance."

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