GE boards the Wink train with new 'smart' LED bulb

The GE Link bulb is one of a host of soon-to-be Wink-connected products.

GE is following closely on the heels of Quirky's recent announcement that it was launching a smart-home offshoot (called Wink) for incubating various technologies, as well as an integrated app to connect them all.

The GE Link connected LED 60-watt replacement (A19) bulb is a smart LED bulb that's enabled by the Wink app -- one of several new (and incumbent) products that are beginning to emerge within the Wink suite.

The bulb allows consumers to control their lighting from afar, as well as to sync the bulb with other devices. The primary selling point: the lack of need for expensive add-ons that usually come with connected devices.

There are also three options: a 60-watt replacement soft white LED bulb, an indoor soft white floodlight LED and an indoor/outdoor-rated bright white spotlight LED.

“Our very own Thomas Edison built the first commercially viable bulb, and today we’re proud to announce the first commercially viable connected bulb designed for Wink users,” said John Strainic, general manager, North America Consumer Lighting for GE. “We know the quality of light consumers love and want in their homes, and we’re a brand they trust.”

The bulb, which will retail around or below $15, is now available for pre-order on the Home Depot website. It'll make its appearance in retail locations this fall.


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