GAF sponsors Made-in-America Home project

Last fall, Montana builder Anders Lewendal began work on “The All-American Home,” gaining national recognition in the media and building industry. An economist-turned-builder, Lewendal estimated that if every builder used just 5% more American-made products, they would create more than 200,000 jobs -- a number that ABC News reported as being confirmed by The Boston Consulting Group.

Now, T.E. Jones of Vintage Homes, a home-building company in Chesapeake, Va., has taken this concept a step further. He intends to create a home constructed entirely of American-made products -- everything from the roof to the furniture. “It’s our way of trying to keep this movement alive and create jobs,” Jones said. “A lot of people think it can’t be done. We’re proving that it can.” 

Jones’ home site in Chesapeake’s Culpepper Landing community will host a Tidewater Builders Association (TBA) membership forum on Friday, May 4 at noon to promote the “Buy American” message, and Lewendal will be a featured speaker.

The event is sponsored by New Jersey-based GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. “As an American-owned company with 26 plants across the country, we are so pleased to be participating in this event,” said Paul Bromfield, GAF’s senior VP marketing.

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