Into the future: HIRI to host research conference

The Home Improvement Research Institute will set up shop in Chicago Oct. 17 for a series of research-related presentations. 

To be held at the Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza, the event will kick off with an effort to read the future by J. Walker Smith, executive chairman of The Futures Company.

His presentation “Home Improvement Future-Forward: Shifts in the HIRI Future Trends and Opportunities for Home Improvement Retail,” will highlight how the critical 
consumer trends shaping the future of home improvement are evolving.

Based on analysis of Futures Company and HIRI research, the refreshed HIRI Future Trends program provides new foresight into how the home improvement industry can create and capitalize on opportunities for future growth

The 2012 HIRI Fall Conference is open to all HIRI members as well as non-members.   

Other speakers on the agenda include Joshua Rosenbaum, managing director Global Industrial Group for UBS; Rbert Tancula, VP market analysis for Stevenson Company; and Winston Ledet, chief operating officer and partner of Premium Retail Solutions. 

The Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) is a membership-based, independent, not-for-profit organization of manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and allied organizations in the home improvement industry.

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