FTC amends energy labeling guidelines

The new Energy Guide label will feature an appliance's yearly cost of operation more prominently.

The Federal Trade Commission has announced new requirements for manufacturers of dishwashers, refrigerators, washers and dryers, as well as other appliances, to label goods with clear details on how much it will cost to operate their products.

The commission’s new yellow “EnergyGuide” label will display yearly energy costs as a way of comparing the total cost of operating the appliance. This information was included on older EnergyGuide labels but will be more prominently displayed on the new label.

The new EnergyGuide label has a streamlined look and will display estimated yearly operating costs prominently for most appliance types, the commission said.

The goal is “to provide consumers with a clear context to compare the energy efficiency of different appliance models. It also will help consumers assess trade-offs between the energy costs of their appliances and other expenditures.”

Like the old labels, the EnergyGuide label will continue to display energy consumption information, such as annual electricity use, the commission said.

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