FrogTape's painting pro offers tips

FrogTape spokesman Dan Brady.

FrogTape, a division of Avon, Ohio-based ShurTech Brands, is promoting its painter's tape with the help of a professional painter -- Dan Brady of Traverse City, Mich.-based Dan Brady Painting & Wood Restoration.

"When you're painting a deep color into white trim, I don't care how steady your hand is, it helps to have a tape that doesn't bleed," said Brady.

Common mistakes of DIYers engaged in painting projects, he said, include:

• Failing to perform sufficient prep work;

• Taping too close to the corner of a wall -- painters should leave a 1/16-in. gap, instead of trying to apply it flush against the other wall;

• Clean surface throroughly, especially if there is a waxy buildup, when applying painter's tape; 

• Remove painter's tape when the paint is still wet, not after it has dried.

The product Brady promotes -- FrogTape -- is made with a liquid-blocking polymer called PaintBlock Technology designed to prevent bleeding.

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