Friendly Batman or Dark Knight? Man arrested at big box

A man wearing a Batman-like mask cape and body armor was arrested outside a Mansfield, N.J.-area Home Depot after scaring a number of shoppers by approaching them to ask if he could help in any way.

According to an article in the Express Times, Matthew Argintar, 23, is part of a members-only group called Real Life Super Heroes ( that provides content on crime fighting, equipment and police scanner feeds.

Several Home Depot customers called 911 after Argintar began waving at children and offering assistance to people entering or exiting the store. Police speculated that last month’s movie theater shooting on the opening night of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Denver may have helped cause the panic.

Argintar told reporters at the scene that he normally only comes out in costume at night; this was his first public venture during daylight hours. His mission, he said, is to “inspire hope.”

Police charged Argintar with being disorderly and unlawful possession of handcuffs. He was taken to Hackettstown Regional Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation and was then released, pending an appearance Aug. 21 in Mansfield Township Municipal Court.

Mansfield Township police Lt. Michael Reilly said the charges were justified.

"The officers on scene determined why there were charges based on his behavior," Reilly told the newspaper. "He scared the heck out of the citizens."

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