A forecast fit for shovel makers

Things will probably get a lot wetter, especially in the South and East.

Button up your coat.

According to data gathered by Weather Trends International, provider of long-range weather guidance and sales analytics for businesses, much of the United States will trend colder than last year.

Things will likely get much wetter, also, across the South and East, according to the data.

Some temperature trends, meanwhile, are likely to depend on the time of day. Nighttime temperatures in the East are expected to run above normal levels, while daytime temperatures will be closer to normal, or even below normal trends.

There is something for shovel makers and others with an interest in snow removal to celebrate in the forecast. Snowfall will surpass the previous year’s levels and appears likely to hit the second highest level in 10 years. The final week of November presents the best chance for snow in the Northern Plains and in New England.

One of the tenents of Weather Trends International weather analysis is that a retailer must concern themselves not so much with the weather on any given period, but rather how the weather on any given period compares with the same period in the previous year.

November 2013 will start off with complicated comparisons with the previous year, especially in the Northeast, where Superstorm Sandy brought parts of the region to a halt for a prolonged period of time. In areas where stores remained open, demand for cleanup and emergency supplies will be lower. However, for stores that were closed following the storm, this year will be more favorable.

Colder and wetter weather across the western and central states will help to drive demand for seasonal categories, like space heaters. Much colder weather around the Black Friday week will bring stronger demand for cold weather items during this unofficial shoppers holiday.

Snow removal categories will see stronger demand than last year in the Northern Plains and New England.

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