Following up: Victory for hardwood coalition

The February “Made in the USA” issue of Home Channel News spelled out the complaints of the Coalition for American Hardwood Parity (CAHP), which filed an unfair trade petition back in October.

“We hope this allows the U.S. engineered hardwood flooring industry to survive and not go the way of textiles and furniture,” said Don Finkell, CEO of Shaw Hardwood, one of the CAHP members.

In Washington, D.C., the group has found a sympathetic ear. The U.S. Department of Commerce last month set preliminary duties of up to 27% on engineered wood flooring from China — a move that applies to 127 Chinese producers or exporters.

The same U.S. manufacturers have asked for antidumping duties of up to 281% to counteract what they claim is unfair pricing by Chinese competitors. That matter is still working its way through review. 

“We look forward to the dumping determination when it comes out in the middle of May,” said Jeffrey Levin, counsel for the CAHP. “Right now, I would consider this preliminary ruling good news for domestic manufacturers.”

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