Floor tile manufacturer finds use for old drywall

Mannington Mills, a 96-year-old flooring company headquartered in Salem, N.J., has found a way to incorporate vinyl tile scraps and recycled drywall into its manufacturing process in an effort to generate less waste, according to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The family owned company, now operated by fourth-generation chairman Keith Campbell, uses 190 lbs. of recycled materials in their products for every 100 lbs. of waste generated through their manufacturing, according to the article.

The powered drywall comes from demolition and construction sites and replaces limestone at the base of tiles. Recycled paper is used on the backs of vinyl flooring. Vinyl scraps are also ground up and reused. The company has received several awards from local and state environmental groups.

Mannington has factories and warehouses in six cities across the United States, and produces resilient, laminate, hardwood, porcelain and ceramic tiles for the residential and commercial markets, as well as commercial carpet and rubber flooring.

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