Fishcat Farm rolls out new organic fertilizer

Fishcat Farm, a catfish production raceway based in Arkansas, has developed a new organic fertilizer product called Fishnure, which is made from solid fish manure captured from the raceways. 

The manure, which is based off a high-protein diet and is decomposed with oat straw to create a putty-like substance, is also combined with a carbon source, Mississippi Delta clay and inoculants to attain a proper carbon to nitrogen ratio.

According to the company, Fishnure can be used as a solid or a liquid, and can be applied to crops, lawn or garden via pouring or spraying methods. The process does not require brewers or additional microbe activators.

"Unlike regular compost, the organic matter that is bound to the microscopic clay particles in Fishnure will not decompose further and will remain in the soil and increase the total organic matter," stated the company. "Increased organic matter in the soil will increase fertility, water retention, water absorption, microbial life and all the other benefits of good fertile soil."

The company touts the economical value of the product, which can cover 7,000 sq. ft. using 1 pound of product when mixed in water and applied with a hose end sprayer.

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