Facilities achieve energy accolades

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recognized “Energy Champion Plants,” including plants operated by CertainTeed, Black & Decker and Osram Sylvania.

The awards program is part of Save Energy Now, a national initiative of the DOE’s Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) to drive a 25 percent reduction in industrial energy intensity in 10 years. Industrial companies can participate in no-cost energy assessments and utilize ITP resources to reduce energy use while increasing profits, according to the DOE.

Forty-three plants were recognized for Champion Plant status, which means they achieved more than 250,000 MMBtu total energy savings or more than 15 percent total energy savings. The plants include: Black & Decker in Tampa, Fla.; CertainTeed Corp., Roofing Products, in Shreveport, La.; and Osram Sylvania in St. Marys, Pa.

The group also recognized Energy Savers -- plants that achieved more than 75,000 MMBtu total energy savings or more than 7.5 percent total energy savings. These include Owens Corning in Savannah, Ga.;  Johns Manville in Jacksonville, Fla.; Dow Chemical Company in Freeport, Texas; and DuPont in Deepwater, N.J.

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