For the exterior: bark

BarkClad is promoting a siding product designed to mimic the beauty of traditional poplar bark siding.

“We’ve been working for the past several years to perfect a sustainable alternative to natural bark siding, and SmartBark is the exciting result,” said Brian Summers, corporate operations officer of BarkClad. “We’re thrilled to be able to bring to the marketplace this ingenious new product that builds on our company’s long tradition of excellence.” 

Manufactured of a polymer blend in an innovative patented process, SmartBark has the texture and look of natural siding, but is resistant to weather and rot, and does not require the maintenance for pests and moisture like natural bark. 

SmartBark panels are 16 ins. by 18 ins. and can be used on exterior and interior surfaces, as full or partial house siding, on porches, decks and facades, or as accents inside the home. The siding is available in three natural colors -- Weathered Brown, Medium Brown and Silverback Gray -- or can be painted using any latex finish.

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