Expanding market for expandable hose


The Pocket Hose, a Telebrands product with the “As Seen on TV” tag, is getting some competition, according to the merchants at Do it Best. 

During the co-op’s recent merchandise review at it’s Indianapolis market, lawn and garden merchant Gary Loosle pointed to the growing field of expanding hoses.

In addition to the 25-ft. and 50-ft. versions of the Pocket Hose -- so named because it fits in a normal pants pocket when empty -- hoses in the Do it Best warehouse lineup includes the Tristar Flex-Able hose and the Dap XHose and XHose Pro. 

The Dap XHose Pro, with its brass fittings, is expected to bring durability to bear on the category, Loosle said. 

According to research from Stevenson’s Traqline, the Pocket Hose rose from zero 16% market share in a year. 

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