Estate Millwork speeds up custom jobs

Estate Millwork is doing its professional customer base a solid.

Meyersdale, Pa.-based Estate Millwork, a manufacturer of wooden exterior shutters and custom doors, is offering a spring promotion to its professional remodeler and contractor customer base. The two-week turnaround time on custom millwork, offered through its Custom Express program, will be extended for current professional customers.

From now until April 30, the Custom Express will be applicable to exterior shutter, door and cabinet door orders.

"Remodeling contractors don't always require the same volume as other contractors and builders," said mill manager Richard 'The Bear' Beckner. "We know we have alot of customers really ramping up for the Spring, so we figured we could help them out a bit."

The Custom Express program was initially launched last year to help ease the burden of wait-time typically associated with custom-sized millwork.

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