ErgoDig embraces ergonomic gardening

ErgoDig's product display

ErgoDig announced the introduction of a comprehensive collection of ergonomic, ash wood-handled lawn and garden tools. 

Each of the 40 garden tools in the line features a wooden handle with an angle at a degree consistent with the human arm, the company said. 

“The concept for our new line of ergonomic garden tools derived from my own past experiences using conventional tools with straight handles,” said William Rogers, founder of ErgoDig. “I found that using straight-handled garden tools caused a certain level of physical pressure and tension on the arms.”

The angled-handle design has a patent pending based upon ergonomics to alleviate arm and wrist stress on the part of the user. It is the contoured shape of each handle that enhances the ability to grip the tool, decreases slippage and allows for ease-of-use. The company will be showcasing the new tool line at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, May 10 to 12, 2011. 

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