Equator launches sixth-generation washer/dryer-in-one

The Super Combo is a front-loading single-unit washer/dryer with dual venting options.

Equator Advanced Appliances has announced plans to create a new single-unit washer and dryer with dual venting options. 

"The Equator Super Combo is our sixth-generation single-unit washer/dryer -- but with a unique new venting feature that allows consumers the option to make a choice," said Equator president Atul Vir. "With the touch of a button, the user can now decide whether to vent heat externally or to capture condensation internally and purge it through a drain hose."

The dual venting option makes the unit more portable for use on boats, RVs and campers, as well as in apartments where traditional venting is not available.

The unit is 24 ins. wide, making it compatible with small spaces. It also eliminates the need to move clothes between the washer and the dryer. The Super Combo has a spin speed of 1,000 RPMs and can hold 13 pounds of laundry.

Other features include a VFD-lit panel that displays status and remaining time, delayed start option, child safety lock, coin trap, add-a-sock option and a wrinkle guard setting.

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