EPA defends Energy Star rule changes

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which runs the Energy Star program, defended its plans for new Energy Star criteria for windows and doors.

Previously, the Window & Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) criticized Energy Star’s Version 6.0 program requirements for residential windows, doors and skylights. Among the WDMA’s concerns were a “departure from the past practice of collaborating with industry partners,” and the possibility that the changes will “strip the Energy Star label from affordable energy-efficient products that offer a fair payback period.” 

The full WDMA release can be seen here. 

The EPA defended the final draft of Version 6.0 with the following statement emailed to HCN:

According to the EPA, the new criteria will keep the program relevant and also ensure that a variety of products will be available to consumers. 

“It is difficult to predict the future market share for Energy Star windows; however, there is strong historical evidence that Energy Star market share for windows remains strong after criteria revisions,” according to the EPA. “There are products available for sale with performance levels that already meet or exceed the proposed new criteria levels. EPA also discussed current technological advancements with product and component manufacturers to confirm availability and performance.” 

Details of the rules can be found here. 

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