Energizer brings Power Seal Technology to the U.S.

Energizer has introduced its Energizer MAX brand batteries with Power Seal Technology to the United States. Power Seal Technology was first launched in Asia in 2009.

Power Seal Technology gives these batteries better power retention to hold power longer. Improvements include a stepped can construction to improve clamping effectiveness, a sealant application, nylon ring seal insertion, and improved storage and drying processes to reinforce the sealing effect before packing.

“We are excited to launch Power Seal Technology in the U.S. and strongly believe this innovation will give consumers confidence that they’ll always have power when they need it most,” said Michelle Atkinson, VP North America marketing for Energizer.

Several months ago, Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries got a power boost with a re-tooled formula, including improved materials and construction. They now last up to nine times longer in digital cameras, and Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA batteries also last up to nine times longer in digital cameras. 

“Power Seal Technology takes reliable performance to a new level. We’re proud to demonstrate that we will continue to be a technology leader and deliver the products that retailers and consumers expect from the Energizer brand,” Atkinson said.

Power Seal Technology labeled packages are appearing at retail now.

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