Employment rise little help to construction workers

The recent national upturn in job growth has not reached the construction industry, where unemployment rose from 16% in December to 17.7% in January. Those looking for work outpaced the 21,000 new construction jobs created, according to a statement released by the Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA).

“While we're encouraged to see the President's efforts are moving our country in the right direction, today's jobs report reveals more is needed to close the gap between those looking for work in construction and the number of new jobs being created in the industry,” said LIUNA president Terry O’ Sullivan. “Job growth is not happening fast enough.

“With 1.4 million men and women ready, willing and able to go to work building this country, there is no better time for Congress to take action by passing a highway bill that fully invests in America's crumbling roads, bridges and transit systems,” he added.

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