Empire Level commits to "Made in USA" approach

Mukwonago, Wis.-based Empire Level Manufacturing Corp. said "Made in USA" products are playing a bigger role in its performance and marketing.

The company pointed to stats showing an increase of 20% in revenue from "Made in USA" products, compared with five years ago. Also, 80% of Empire Level’s products are now manufactured and assembled entirely in the United States.

“As the fifth-generation family member to serve as president of Empire Level, I have made it my mission to manufacture as much as possible in the USA,” said Jenni Becker, president. “This company was built on innovation, and we decided that we could innovate our way back to our ‘Made in USA’ roots, through a combination of revolutionary product design and original, patented manufacturing processes. That ‘can-do attitude’ is part of our DNA, and we have been very successful in our efforts to bring our products home.”

The company's research has shown that more than 60% of professional contractors prefer to buy tools that are made in the United States, and are even willing to pay more for them. A 2009 Yankelovich study found that about 40% of consumers from all demographic age ranges -- Millenials, Xers, Boomers and Mature adults -- have a strong preference for buying products that are "Made in USA," and  almost 70% consider buying American products as part of their duty as U.S. citizens. 

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