EdgeCraft wins trademark litigation case

Three years after filing suit, EdgeCraft Corporation has won its trademark litigation case against Smith's Consumer Products, whose Edgeware trademark was deemed as "likely to cause confusion, mistake or deception."

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, operating under the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, ordered the cancellation of the three existing Edgeware registrations. Both the Edgeware and EdgeCraft names were registered trademarks for knife sharpeners and other kitchen projects, but EdgeCraft had held the name since 1985.

"We are pleased with this legal ruling," said EdgeCraft president Sam Weiner. 'It should help us address the concerns expressed by many of our retailers about the confusion created by Smith's use of the Edgeware mark on store shelves, in catalogues and on the web."

The EdgeCraft and Chef's Choice brands, both owned by EdgeCraft Corporation, are sold in hardware and sporting goods stores around the world.

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