EcoPlanet Bamboo sets 1 million-acre reforestation goal

After concluding a first phase of growth that involved the strategic reforestation of 10,000 acres of degraded land, EcoForest Bamboo is raising the bar to 1 million acres to mark its latest goal.

“While our achievements to date are still a long way from our 1,000,000 acre goal, they have proved not only that we can, but that we are committed to industrializing bamboo in a way that benefits the local community, is environmentally positive, and enables the feedstock security that multinational corporations require to ultimately move away from unsustainable logging practices, and make the switch to an alternative fiber,” said Troy Wiseman, CEO of EcoPlanet Bamboo Group.

The company's initial reforestation effort, which took place in Central American and Southern Africa, was aimed at demonstrating the commercial viability of bamboo as a wood alternative in varied climates. The company also gained accreditation from the World Bank and the World Wildlife Fund, among other institutions.

The second phase of growth will be concentrated in Southeast Asia, Brazil and Africa, and will be split into smaller dedicated plantations of 25,000 - 100,000 acres.

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